Sadly, blogging is just one of the things I'm behind on...

September 6, 2011 7:03 pm

I'm gonna try really hard to remember things now. It's hard when you're pregnant.

I finally got my windshield replaced! I got a letter from Babies R Us corporate, asking for two printed estimates to get the work done, so I sent those off and got a check back from them a week or so later. So I got it replaced, about 3 weeks after the damage was done. Not too shabby!

The next day, I went to the dentist and it was not nearly as bad as I feared.

Cub Scouts has started up again for the year. We now have 4 den leaders, which is good because we have a large den and, of course, I'm going to be out for a while. We've got our year all planned, though, and I think it's going to be great! I'm in charge of keeping track of the boys' progress, though, and it's kinda tricky sometimes. The power of spreadsheets will get me through!

I was scheduled for jury duty on Sept. 1 (actually, that was after one 6-month postponement b/c they wanted me to report while we were going to be out of town), and I was really not looking forward to it. I very much did not want to drag my 8-months-pregnant self out to Oakland. But it worked out: I didn't end up having to report at all! Score.

I've had a couple more doctor's appointments since I last blogged, but everything still looks great. The baby is measuring right on schedule, and I'm doing really well (though gaining too much weight—ugh!). I love getting a clean bill of health for both me and the baby! (Which is not to say that she's not causing me a fair amount of pain and discomfort, but if she's healthy, I guess it's worth it. Too late to change my mind now anyway, right?) I have one more ultrasound scheduled for 9/21, and hopefully it'll show that's she's growing just right and is in a good position. I'll be almost 36 weeks then. Oh, but get this: I have an appointment set up for 9/28 (with a midwife, not my OB, since if everything continues to go smoothly, it'll be one of the midwives doing the actual delivery, not an OB), then my next one is 10/17...and then my due date is 10/21! Gah! Only two appointments left before my due date? This is coming up fast!

Our apartment manager called last week to say that a 3-bedroom apartment was coming available! Yay! Except that it's upstairs and facing N Livermore, a very busy street. So my unreliable knees and I would be lugging baby & gear up and down stairs all the time, and we'd never be able to open our windows because of the street noise. And although we really want that additional bedroom, we've decided we don't want it that badly. So we passed on it, which means that...

...we spent our Labor Day holiday doing more work in the nursery-to-be. We got two of the bookcases out of there a few weeks ago, but the other three still needed new homes, and the remaining furniture needed rearranging. For a while there it was a game of musical piles of stuff, but we did it! All the bookcases have been ensconced in various corners of the apartment, the printer now lives atop Kyle's desk (which is still in there), and the crib, changing table, and awesome glider my parents sent are all in their places. We even left room for the dresser we do not yet own (well, sort of—there's currently a pile of miscellany in its place, but we hope to find homes for that stuff soonish). So everything that we have for the nursery is in its place; we just need to get that dresser and figure out where things are going on the walls. Oh, we also did those minor touch-ups on the used furniture we bought and got the crib side all immobilized and stuff. (Kyle also finished repainting our kitchen table and chairs, and they look so much better now!) I feel so relieved to have that room organized. Phew!

I think that's enough for now. Also, I can't think of anything else.

2 thoughts on “Sadly, blogging is just one of the things I'm behind on...”

  1. Is the midwife affiliated with the OB? Are midwives allowed to practice in the hospital there? I think midwives in the hospital are a good idea. Midwives and home births- not so much. Will would certainly have died in a home birth situation. He almost didn't make it even in the hospital since there was no OB on duty at the hospital which boggled my mind. I thought that's why you went to the hospital - so if there was a problem someone was available to take care of it. Instead they were frantically trying to get a doctor on the phone to come in and do an emergency C-section and also to try to stanch the bleeding of another mother who was in danger of bleeding to death.

    Well there now. I've regaled you with delivery horror stories which is what every expectant mother wants to hear.

    Adelaide sure is a sweet baby. Looking forward to meeting your little girl.

  2. Oh yes, the midwives are with the hospital. Definitely not doing a home birth. (My appointment with the midwife is even at the same doctor's office I always go to.) Kaiser, apparently, just usually has midwives do the deliveries, unless there's a complication or something, and then it's the OB on call.

    And yes, I agree--if you're going to be a hospital, you should have doctors available! Sounds like it was crazy.

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