A Hike up Brushy Peak

I went for a hike at Brushy Peak Regional Preserve today.  Water is still just coming out of the hills and turning trails into mud, but it was only a few places that were really bad.  I made it about 3.5 miles before I couldn't keep my feet dry anymore.  Luckily, I only had another half mile to go so I didn't end up with massive blisters.  But my shoes were covered with mud.

The path runs through cattle grazing land up in the hills above Livermore.  I started taking pictures of the cows.  They became quite interested in me and started forming a circle around me.  I was getting a little concerned, but they shooed away when I got up to leave.

Several times I came across a few cows just hanging out on the path daring you to approach them.

I started on the West Loop Trail and then transferred to the Brushy Peak Trail where I found a copse of trees growing around the stream as it tumbled down the hill.  So I took a rest and then pulled out my tripod to take some more "smooth" water pictures.

Once I packed up and got moving again I reached the highest part of the path (it doesn't actually go to the peak as far as I could tell).  Some nice views of Livermore from up in the hills, especially while everything is still green.

Then it was down again and through the mud to get back to the parking lot.  I hiked a little over 4 miles and it took me about 4 hours.  I wasn't intending to hike that far or be out that long, but there weren't a lot of options for trails and hiking a trail and then just turning around is lame.  My legs are going to be sore tomorrow though.  Surprisingly I don't seem to have a sunburn.


I want to be taking more pictures, so I got the camera out so that it's accessible instead of staying packed inside the travel case in my closet.  I spent some time taking snapshots of Heather and Corinne today; mostly Corinne, Heather wasn't interested.

Nothing special, but it's a slice of life around here.  And Corinne needed some more pictures anyway.  So we can pretend these are her 10-months-old pictures (just a few days late).

NASA Apollo Pictures

Last week NASA released a bunch (over 10,000) of original images from the Apollo missions on their Flickr account.  They're all Public Domain images so anyone can download the originals and use them for anything they like.  I flipped through and picked out my favorites and cleaned them up.  I'll probably get some nice canvas prints made of some of them when Canvas Press has sales.

Here are my top 10 after cleaning them up.  I've uploaded my full versions so you can download them yourself if you want to make a poster or canvas print or something.  Clicking an image will open the full-size version, which you can then save to your computer using right-click -> Save image...21060968314_bcca0b9191_o_kbd 21065336993_765fba69b6_o_kbd 21082003763_9471526a7e_o_kbd 21472205930_d42afbe79a_o_kbd 21492224000_7f7d5991a8_o_kbd 21496319710_4d7bd28063_o_kbd 21653924176_26f5a10ce1_o_kbd 21667234912_ac412e1fb9_o_kbd 21693186921_68e0b6d72f_o_kbd 21912171516_ea0ef12faf_o_kbd