FYI: I Did

We were watching some West Wing last night while eating dinner. Jess got up and walked to the kitchen. I was still sitting on the couch when it felt like someone had walked into the end of the couch—a definitive bump, and small, but noticeable, jostling. I thought it was weird and mentioned it to Jess. She said something along the lines of me being crazy. Well, this morning I happened to overhear something about an earthquake. Turns out that at 8:30 p.m. last night (which would have been right around when the couch event occurred) there was a magnitude 3.7 earthquake right next door in Pleasanton. According to the Contra Costa Times people reported feeling the earthquake up to 60 miles away. Since we are less than 10 miles from the epicenter, I don’t think it is unreasonable to assume that what occurred last night was the earthquake.


In more important news…

…I’m officially a Dickerson! The lady from Social Security called me last week while we were at the airport to tell me that she had finally managed to procure a certificate number for my birth certificate, so I could come on back to the office. So I went down this afternoon to get this name changing business taken care of. Of course, it didn’t go exactly smoothly. She needed my ID, and the only real one I have is now expired. I gave her my temporary CA license, which she had to go ask about. Her supervisor’s original answer was no, she couldn’t use that, but when she explained who I was (I’m known down there), she said to go ahead and use it. Which is good, because I can’t get my real CA license until SS changes my name, so that would have been a handy little disaster. But it’s done, it all went through, I have an official receipt, and should have my new card in 2 weeks. She proclaimed me “Mrs. Dickerson” before I left, and I signed the paperwork “Jessica H. Dickerson,” ‘cuz that’s who I am now.

And now, a photographic representation of how I feel about this:0626Fireworks

Next stop: the DMV. When I tried to think of a photo that would represent my feelings on returning there, all I could think of was slimy disgusting mold, and google’s image search finds some really nasty things. I’m not posting them on here. You’re welcome.

It’s raining outside.

Like, a lot. Has been all day. Pretty hard, too! It rained once several weeks ago, but other than that, we haven’t seen rain since we moved here. So this is both unusual and wonderful. I’ve got windows open so I can hear it, and to let the fresh air in. Basically, I just wanted everyone to know that I’m really enjoying the weather here today.

I know, I still need to blog about our trip to Utah, but I’ve been rather lacking in energy for the last, I dunno, several weeks. I’ll get there.

Disaster In the Kitchen (Yes, Again!)

Last night, I made brownies. I’ve been wanting to make round ones, and Kyle finally relented to my silliness. He also agreed to let me put the remaining candles in and blow them out. (I’m still not sure what we were celebrating, but we needed to celebrate something! I think I told him we were celebrating Fall, because when we got the mail on Friday, it felt like a Blustery Day.)IMG_1548

Anyway, when I pulled the candles out, I learned that they had a very low melting point, and there were now 3 pools of wax in the middle of my brownies. (Yes, of course we put them in while the brownies were still warm.) Booooooo…IMG_1550