Heather's Gymnastics Recital

April 29, 2018 1:44 pm

"Recital" is probably not the best word, perhaps "exhibition."  Either way, Heather's gymnastics class showed off their skills this weekend.  The pictures aren't great.  It's tough sitting outside trying to take pictures of things happening inside where there is considerably less light and often times significant backlighting.  But, I did what I could.  Enjoy.

She was a little nervous to start.  She just moved up to this level about a month ago.  She went to 2 classes, then was out for the 2 weeks before the performance.  So she didn't know the little opening dance very well and is clearly behind most of the other girls in the level, but once things got going she had a good time.



Trampoline moves

Horizontal Bar

Balance Beam