Heather's Dance Recital 2018

July 16, 2018 6:35 pm

Heather was losing interest in dance this year, but we got her to stick with it through the end of the year.  We had to travel 45 minutes to Chabot Community College for the recital, along with a mandatory dress rehearsal on Memorial Day that lasted hours past her bedtime (so unnecessary for 6-year olds).


After getting my camera prepped, I left it at home.  As the recital was 45 minutes away (did I mention how that annoys me?) there wasn't any chance of going back for it.  So I had to rely on the pictures taken by the studio (which I do appreciate).

Okay, here's the only thing you may actually care about--a couple of pictures and a video:


Heather is first from the left:

Download here: Heather Dance Recital - June 2, 2018 - Can't Help Falling in Love

Heather's Dance Recital 2017

June 14, 2017 8:54 pm

Heather had an absolute blast in this year's dance recital (as evidenced by the huge smile on her face through the entire dance).  Other than the rather stunning lack of theater etiquette displayed by a seemingly large chunk of the audience this year, it went great (seriously, who fully stands up from the front row during the middle of a performance to amble their way to the aisle and out of the theater!  Which meant my view was blocked completely during much of Heather's big solo!  Grrr!).

The theater provided some pictures (both audience and from the stage) as well as video.  My pictures turned out much better this year than in the past.  Not sure what was different, but they're definitely better.  Not amazing, but better.  The studio's pictures were all slightly over-exposed, so I'm glad I took a bunch of my own.

Not much more to say, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  Video at the bottom!

Or download here: Heather Dance Recital - New York, NY - June 11, 2017 (40.4 MB)