Hot-air Balloon Ride!

June 25, 2024 4:48 pm

For our 15th anniversary Jess and I took a hot-air balloon ride. Sarah watched the girls for us and we drove out to Rancho Murieta (a tiny town southeast of Sacramento) and stayed the night at a hotel before getting up at, ugh, 5am to get ready and out the door for our dawn departure time.

It was fun and I'd do it again. I'd probably ask the pilot for a recommendation on time of year though because apparently summer can be a bit less exciting. When the air is hotter your balloon has fewer options for maneuverability (which is achieved by moving up or down into different thermoclines which have different wind directions). We found that out by getting "stuck" below 1000 feet, the air at that altitude was part of a heat bubble sitting over the valley and we couldn't ascend through it. So we didn't go very far, very fast, or very high, but it was fun regardless. Which is all preferable to going too far, too fast, or too high--so there's that.

We landed in a field and then the balloon minions dragged us over to the road, over a fence, and into someone's yard where they could safely tear down the balloon without needing to carry it hundreds of feet to the truck.

Once the balloon was packed up in the truck we got back to the van, then back to the hotel, had breakfast, and then headed home.

2022 Trip: Part 10 - Back to CT

August 21, 2022 10:21 am

The day after Santa's Village, June 22, we stopped at the Mt Washington Cog Railway and took a ride to the top. It was cold. Grandma bought Heather and Corinne blankets at the top. Heather's has bear ears and paws, Corinne's has a moose snout and hooves.

Some clouds blew in while we were at the top which made for some interesting pictures.

We finished that day by driving down to Concord, NH and having dinner and ice cream at Arnie's Place.

On the 23rd we road railbikes through the Concord woods which was lots of fun. Nice to be in the shade. We went out one direction, turned around, came back through the starting point out the other direction, and then turned around and came back.

Unlike the ones we rode in Fort Bragg, these were not electric so it was also more work and we made Heather start us off at one of the turn arounds to see if she could and she did!

The 23rd being our anniversary Jess and I went out to dinner after getting back to Cromwell. The girls stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa.

Before Jess and the girls got to CT I had asked for restaurant recommendations for our anniversary. For some reason, Erin was aware of a restaurant that had a whole area decked out as a totally-not-Harry-Potter-wink wizarding-world which sounded like something Jess would enjoy. So that's where we went, Cava in Southington. It was fun.

Friday was spent getting packed and ready to head home which we did on Saturday. And that was our grand trip of 2022.

10th Anniversary

June 29, 2019 3:41 pm

Our friends watched Heather and Corinne for us so we could take a trip out to the coast for our anniversary. We drove out to the barely-existent town of Elk to the Elk Cove Inn in Mendocino County.

The green arrow points to our room overlooking the ocean.

We toured the Point Arena Lighthouse before heading home. The supposed 3.5 hour drive took over 5 hours. That part was not so great.