Halloween 2019

On the 30th we worked on carving our pumpkins. Which means I worked on carving pumpkins since everyone else thinks it's too gross cleaning out the inside of pumpkins.

Heather developed a cat-like design for her pumpkin. And Jess helped Corinne with a friendly-face design for hers. My design comes from the recently released game "Untitled Goose Game" in which you play a goose that terrorizes the neighborhood. Honk!

And costume pictures:

We started trick-or-treating at 6:30. The neighborhood seemed to get busiest around 7:15. Heather was scared of any decoration that looked like it might have the potential to move suddenly. Corinne was scared of any house without any decorations. But we made it down one side of the street, back up the other, and then back to the house. Then the girls were exhausted and Heather helped hand out candy while getting ready for bed (seems to be her favorite part of Halloween).

Leprechaun Park

Every year since TK Heather has intently designed a leprechaun trap to put out the night before St. Patrick's Day. It's apparently something they discussed at school.

She has been a bit distraught that for 2 years now she has failed to catch one. They are just too clever to fall for her tricks.

This year she thought up an entirely new approach. Instead of trying to trap a leprechaun with force she built a playground. She hopes the leprechaun enjoys it so much that it will stay, but if not, she hopes it will have fun. This was entirely her idea and Jess and I find it awesome.

So she designed and built this playground. Jess helped with the bench, slide, and tree; but otherwise Heather built it herself. Look at that swing! Entirely her own design! And the sandbox is full of sand (bits of colored paper) and has 2 functional shovels and buckets! The big lumpy things are gold nuggets. In the center there is a pond. Beyond the pond is a flower and a blade of grass.

Then she wrote a letter for the leprechaun:

(Reproduced below with spelling corrected for readability)

Dear Leprechaun, I hope you enjoy the playground! It's called Leprechaun Park, but I didn't have time to make a park sign and monkey bars. Next year! But there is some gold! There is also a swing and a sandbox with buckets and shovels. There is a slide and a bench along with other things you will discover yourself.


P.S. Please sign your name here every year. Thank You!