Jess bought some bubbles at the store the other day figuring Heather would enjoy them.  So while she was blowing bubbles to amuse Heather I was taking pictures.  And, man, it is tricky to get a good shot of a bubble with a shallow depth of field.  It turns out they move a lot.  So I put my camera on manual with manual focus and practiced tracking the bubbles while zoomed in and simultaneously trying to get the image in focus.  I got a few that came out interestingly.

Jess caught a couple of bubbles on the wand in order to let me dial in my settings and figure out what I was doing.

IMGP9472as IMGP9474as IMGP9479as

I really like this one because it looks like a planet and a moon.  Too bad it's not better focused.

IMGP9485as IMGP9496as

Christmas 2012

Heather rather enjoys getting various things on her head and walking around with them there.  Here is her majesty with a cloak and staff:

IMGP9241as IMGP9250as

Jess' parents came to visit for Christmas.  Christmas Eve was a relaxing evening of snacks and enjoying the fire.   There was wassail and cocktail weenies as required by Dickerson tradition.


During the night, Santa came to visit and filled the stockings and such.

The obligatory Christmas morning photos:
IMGP9275as IMGP9273as

Heather received a wagon in which her favorite stuffed animals waited for her to get up.  Despite the tag with her name on it, she was still a little unsure of the situation.  But she warmed up to the idea fairly quickly.

IMGP9277as IMGP9278as IMGP9281as
While Jess' parents were visiting we decided to finally go see Alcatraz.  Heather got to wear her fancy Google beanie, but she didn't leave it on her head for very long.

Heather loved the library.  We had to finally carry her away in order to finish the tour.

IMGP9375as IMGP9365as

And here are just some nice pictures:

IMGP9403as IMGP9407as