Heather's Kindergarten Program

Heather looking for us in the crowd:

Kids singing songs.  Enjoy!

"The World is a Rainbow"

The World is a Rainbow


"Love Grows"

Love Grows




Heather's Dance Recital 2018

Heather was losing interest in dance this year, but we got her to stick with it through the end of the year.  We had to travel 45 minutes to Chabot Community College for the recital, along with a mandatory dress rehearsal on Memorial Day that lasted hours past her bedtime (so unnecessary for 6-year olds).


After getting my camera prepped, I left it at home.  As the recital was 45 minutes away (did I mention how that annoys me?) there wasn't any chance of going back for it.  So I had to rely on the pictures taken by the studio (which I do appreciate).

Okay, here's the only thing you may actually care about--a couple of pictures and a video:


Heather is first from the left:

Download here: Heather Dance Recital - June 2, 2018 - Can't Help Falling in Love

Heather's Gymnastics Recital

"Recital" is probably not the best word, perhaps "exhibition."  Either way, Heather's gymnastics class showed off their skills this weekend.  The pictures aren't great.  It's tough sitting outside trying to take pictures of things happening inside where there is considerably less light and often times significant backlighting.  But, I did what I could.  Enjoy.

She was a little nervous to start.  She just moved up to this level about a month ago.  She went to 2 classes, then was out for the 2 weeks before the performance.  So she didn't know the little opening dance very well and is clearly behind most of the other girls in the level, but once things got going she had a good time.

Trampoline moves
Horizontal Bar
Balance Beam

Heather's 6th Birthday

Heather had a birthday party this weekend, so now we can comprehensively capture the entirety of her 6th birthday.

Her birthday was on a Saturday this year so we had the whole day to celebrate.  Heather wanted something special for birthday breakfast, like muffins, so we started the morning with muffins (and donuts).

After lunch Heather engaged in the requisite treasure hunt.  When all the clues were found, she had to assemble a map found on their backs.

Which led her to a trove of presents.

Back inside to open presents:

And after dinner at Heather's pick of the 1st Street Ale House, it was back home for cake.

This weekend she had a party with painting, a pinata, donuts-on-a-string, cupcake decorating, and general lunacy.

This is Corinne's "camera face."  If she sees you trying to take a picture, this is the face you're going to get.