Thanksgiving Day

December 4, 2013 3:11 pm

Are you sick of watching Heather color yet? I hope not, because that's how we started Thanksgiving Day:


Our lovely friends the Badgers invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner, and we had a blast. (Unfortunately, I only think to pull out my camera to take pictures of Heather, so that's all I have. I'll try to do better?)

We had a delicious dinner, then played games, talked, and did a puzzle. Before we started the game, Rebecca quizzed Heather on her letters (unsurprisingly, she got them all right, and their sounds).


And (demon) Heather helped Amanda get the puzzle started:


Heather loves all the Badgers, but I think she especially liked playing with the dogs (and on the dog bed):


It was a great way to celebrate the holiday, and I'm glad we all managed to have a healthy window in which to get together!


December 2, 2013 4:13 pm

Every so often, Kyle rakes all the leaves in the front yard into a big pile. This time, the pile was commandeered by Emma and Heather. For fun and hijinks, naturally.

P1000209as P1000210as

Since then, Heather has been known to play a little game when getting ready for bed. She pushes the clothes she wore that day into a little pile and then jumps on them like a pile of leaves. She thinks it's hilarious.

One of Heather's favorite things to do with the easel is for me to draw a bunch of shapes on it. Then she fills in faces!


Sick day (I feel like I take this picture every couple of weeks):


Don't you sit in a diaper box (a.k.a. space ship) to read books?


Coloring. The girl loves to color.


She also loves her tutu. In this case, accessorized with a headband and pink princess shoes.

P1000270as P1000271as

Trying to think if we did anything else noteworthy in November (besides Heather being adorable, that is). Kyle and Heather have both been sick a couple of times. I have miraculously managed to stay healthy so far. I went to see Catching Fire, and it was phenomenal. I really don't think much else has happened in our little family (other than Thanksgiving, which will have its own post soon).

OH! My youngest brother, Cameron, got home from his mission. Safely, thank goodness! Unfortunately, we won't get to see him in person for some time. Probably next summer, when my whole family will get together. I'm already looking forward to it!

And now, it is the Christmas season, my absolute favorite time of year. Music and lights and fabulous candles—I love it!

Return to the Zoo

3:29 pm

Last week, Heather and I went to the Oakland Zoo with Sarah and her two kids, Emma and Liam.


Bestest buds!
Bestest buds!

Heather needs to follow Emma everywhere and do everything she does.

P1000223asCrawling through turtle shells...

Crawling through turtle shells...P1000227as

...and sitting on top of one.


Sir Liam. Heather loves him and calls him "Yee-mum."


Goats goats goats!

P1000232as P1000234as P1000236as

There were a whole bunch of otters playing in front of this window and kids just swarmed. It was adorable.


Seriously: best buds. So stinking cute!


We had such a fun time. Yay for doing fun things with cool people!



December 1, 2013 5:49 pm

Halloween morning, Heather and I painted pumpkins. I didn't know how well it would go (this was her first experience with water colors), but she really took to it!

It didn't take her too long to settle on black as her favorite color.

Our fine work:


We went trick-or-treating for the first time with Heather this year. And I probably made her the only costume I will ever make her. She went as a ...


...blanket! Y'know, one of those tied-fleece ones. She loves hers, so Kyle suggested I just make one around her. She'd be warm and cozy, and he was right: she loves it! She still gets it out and wears it from time to time. (In fact, the picture above is from today, not Halloween. Because I am a lousy mom, I didn't get any good pics of her in her costume that day. Also zero pictures from trunk-or-treat.)
We just went to a few houses on our street, then went home to hand out candy. I think Heather enjoyed that as much as anything! She was pretty bummed about going to bed that night.

Miscellaneous October

3:07 pm

Okay, I totally thought I posted this blog weeks ago. Sorry y'all. As the title suggests, it's just a mishmash of Heather stuff from October.


The book she's "reading" is Henry's Awful Mistake. If you don't know the story (and/or aren't familiar with Heather's speech), it probably sounds like gibberish. But it's not. Promise.

She pulled a long-sleeve shirt of hers out of the hamper and tried to put it on herself, but only got so far. And was fine with that—especially since she snatched my tablet to play with.

P1000135as P1000136as

This is not her car seat. It's Liam's car seat, and it was sitting in our living room while he was visiting one day. But Heather decided it was her throne and spent a lot of time that afternoon reading books in it.

P1000146as P1000147as

She loves her new easel.

P1000183aas P1000186aas

This was more birthday cake. What made it interesting was that she was doing everything she could to just get the frosting. Silly girl.

P1000195aas P1000196aas P1000198aas