CA Election 2010 - Proposition 26

Last proposition (since I covered 27 with 20).

This one changes which things can be considered "fees" (subject to simple majority votes) and which things can be considered "taxes" (subject to 2/3 majority votes). It's rather nuanced and highly detailed. It's not entirely clear how this change would affect things. So, let's follow the money again.

(The following information is from

Donors in favor of proposition 26 (requiring certain fees be approved by 2/3 majority rather than simple majority):
Chevron ($3.75 m), Philip Morris ($1.75 m), Anheuser-Busch, Conoco Phillips, MillerCoors, Shell Oil, etc. A bunch of alcohol and oil companies—not exactly selfless saints.

Donors against proposition 26:
California Public Securities Association ($150 k), California School Employees Association ($30 k), California Association of Professional Scientists, California Association of Highway Patrolmen, California Professional Firefighters, California Federation of Teachers, etc.

I believe I'll be voting against proposition 26.

CA Election 2010 - Proposition 25

Hoooo-weee. I better get on this since today is Election Day.

Proposition 25 changes the majority needed to pass a budget from 2/3 to simple. I think this is easily summed up with a quote from the provided analysis, "Given the current composition of each house, this would allow members of the Legislature's majority political party to approve a budget bill without the support of any members of the minority party."

The entire bill is centered around letting whichever party holds a simple majority do whatever the heck they want with the budget. That's a big fat "NO" from me.